Why Not Today

Our non-profit, Why Not Today, was created in August 2012. Why Not Today was created in memory of Mathew Draftina, a farmer in Pennsylvania, the grandfather of founder Ben Neureiter.  We are carrying on the values that he possessed of hard work, faith, and family to help those in need.  Our goal is to honor his memory by working the land as he did for many years.

Why Not Today raises cattle and chickens on our farm.  We donate beef and eggs to those in need to the Hendricks County Food Coalition, Project Homeless Indy, and other Central Indiana food pantries.  We also donate produce, grown in our gardens and orchards.  We also support Healthy Families of Hendricks County during the holiday season by providing clothes, toys, and food gift cards.  We sponsor children in 5 countries to meet their food, shelter, clothing, medical, and educational needs through Unbound.